About Us

Mission Statement

At Slave Lake Eye Care we will provide attentive vision care to every member of your family, from newborn to great-great grandparent, with thorough eye health examinations and excellent eye-wear products.  Our goal is to maintain a lifetime of ocular health and optimal vision for those who entrust us with this precious asset.  In all things we do, we will seek to use the latest and highest standards of care in a comfortable, relaxing and family atmosphere.

Our pretest room allows for privacy during the initial eye exam preparation. To assist Dr. Navarrete through her thorough exam, we update your history, gather required information, complete Tonometry and Visual Fields screenings, up to date corneal measurements with our Auto-Refractor and confirm your current prescription to cross reference with the new information gathered during your exam.

Our contact lens room allows for privacy and a more relaxing contact lens experience.  First time contact lens wearers are nervous enough without being in the middle of a room where everyone can watch.  Take your time, take a deep breath and enjoy the freedom that contact lens wear has to offer!

Children are welcome to play while they wait for their exam, or to keep occupied while Mom and Dad select their own eye-wear.  Our Dispensary carries a variety of frames for daily every day wear to sports and safety eye-wear.  Keeping with today’s fashion trends, we carry Designer eye-wear to the moderate yet still stylish Budget eye-wear.  From Children to Senior, we have something for everyone.  We work with the Alberta Association of Optometrists to provide Kindergarten students with free eye-wear through the “Eye See …. Eye Learn ….” Program and with registered companies for safety eye-wear through the Occupational Vision Care program.

Thanks to all our visitors!