Cataract Evaluation - CM

Cataract Evaluation - CM

If you have been diagnosed with a cataract or are experiencing the decrease in vision associated with one, you will want a complete evaluation to help determine if a cataract is the problem and if it is time for it to be removed. Your cataract should be removed only when you feel it is causing problems. But since other eye conditions may cause similar symptoms, we at Slave Lake Eye Care take great care to examine your eyes thoroughly.

We ask that you bring a list of any risk factors, allergies, your medical history, insurance information, your eyeglasses if any are worn, and any medications you are currently taking to your appointment. New patients may also want to fill out our new patient and medical history forms prior to your visit as a time saving measure. In order to thoroughly evaluate your eyes, they will be dilated. Some patients report blurred vision following the use of these drops. For this reason, we suggest that you ask a friend or relative to drive you home from your evaluation.

Successful diagnosis and treatment of cataracts begins with a comprehensive eye evaluation. We use only the most advanced–and safe–testing and surgical techniques available, so you do not have to live with the vision loss associated with cataracts. Due to the thoroughness of the exam, expect to be in our offices for approximately three hours. We will check your vision, prescription, motilities (how your eyes work together), eye pressures, pupil size, shape and reaction, and the curvature of your eye. Often with cataracts your eyes may be sensitive to bright sunlight or other lights, in which case we will also perform a brightness acuity exam.

If other eye conditions are found in addition to a cataract, we use sophisticated equipment to determine just how much of the vision loss is due to the cataract and to what extent vision would be restored if the cataract were removed. We use the safest and most modern equipment and microsurgical techniques to treat your cataract, but consider surgery only if your vision could be improved. If you decide to have your cataract removed, our staff will work with you to schedule your surgery. Generally it is on an outpatient basis, and based on your convenience, desires and medical coverage.

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